How to apply for a new Social Security Card

Applying for a new Social Security Card

  • If you are an Employee or Self-Employed Person, applying for a new Social Security Card is easy and it is FREE!
  • You must apply in person in order to obtain a Social Security number and our Social Security Registration Card.
  • If you need an original card (i.e. You were never assigned a Social Security number before), you must show proof (or evidence) of identity.


Proof of identity requires a valid passport or an original birth certificate along with a notarized photograph. A valid passport can usually be used to establish your true identity.

Name Change

If you have had a change of name after having been issued your registration card, you must apply to Social Security  to have our records changed to reflect your new name. Good documentary evidence must be submitted to establish your entitlement to use the name being applied for. Examples include a passport with your new name, marriage certificate, or any court procedure that changes your name. Additionally, you will be required to complete the Change of Name Form.

Good Evidence

Social Security will not accept photocopies of documents as evidence. You must submit original documents or certified copies by the custodian of the record. If your documents do not meet these requirements, we cannot properly process any application.

Registration Procedures

Persons registering for the first time are expected to submit a completed application  Employee Registration Form along with one of the following documents:

  • a valid passport ; or
  • a certified birth certificate;

Replacement of Cards

Persons who were already registered using the original Social Security card, and wish to obtain the new and improved plastic laminated Social Security card should either bring along their original card or the afore-mentioned documents to support their application for the new card.

The Registration Card

The registration card shall bear the name, photograph, date of birth, registration number, nationality, gender and signature of the Insured Person. The card shall also bear the issue and expiration dates that are applicable. If an entry on the registration card is amended in any way the card shall be invalid and should be returned to the Social Security’s office.