Three categories of benefits are paid under the Social Security program, namely:

Short-Term Benefits These are benefits that are generally paid for a short duration of time (not exceeding 26 weeks or 6 months), and are meant to replace loss of employment income. They include:

Long-term Benefits are Pensions that are generally paid for a period exceeding 26 weeks or they may be one time grants. They include:

CARICOM Reciprocal Agreement. Under this Reciprocal Agreement, insured persons are entitled to long-term pension benefits, for which they qualify, from one or more Social Security Organisations in the CARICOM Member States. When going to another CARICOM Member State to work persons should inform the Directors of the Social Security Organisations in their home country and host country.

On making a claim for a pension, persons are required to provide details of all employment and Social Security contributions in other CARICOM Member States. This allows the contributions from all CARICOM employment to be added together in order to provide better Pension Benefits. Please note, however, that you will only receive a portion of your benefit from Montserrat according to your period of employment here; the remainder of your benefit will be provided by the other Schemes that you have paid in to.

Employment Injury Benefits are benefits that are paid as a direct consequence of an occupational hazard. They include: