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What is Social Security

The ILO (1983) defines social security as the protection furnished by a society to its members in the event of certain contingencies, including sickness, old age, survivors, death, maternity, unemployment, industrial accidents, occupational hazards and health care.

In Montserrat, the program is designed to partially replace or supplement income lost by Insured Persons during periods of sickness, maternity, employment injury, and old age. When an Insured Person dies, provision is also made to pay a pension to the eligible spouse and children. In the absence of an eligible spouse and children, surviving parents or grandparents over the age of 60 stand to qualify for such benefit.


The Montserrat Social Security Fund (MSSF) was established under the Social Security Act 1985, by the late Chief Minister the Honourable Dr John A. Osborne to provide and manage a system of national insurance for the workers of Montserrat to ensure that there is adequate provision for the security of workers and their families against hardships. The Fund is a statutory corporation which is appointed by, and the reports to, the Minister of Finance and is a tri-partite entity, bringing together representatives of employees, employers and government. The MSSF is administered and managed by a Director and the staff at the Social Security Office. The programme commenced its operations on July 1st 1986.

MSSF Chairman and Board of Directors

The Social Security Act provides for the appointment of a Board of Directors who shall be responsible for administering the Social Security Fund. The Board must be constituted of not less than five persons – one of whom shall be the Executive Director, and four other persons; from among whom shall be persons having knowledge in Law, Social Science, Business Management, Industrial Relations, Local Government, Accounting and Finance.

The present members of the board are :-

  • Mr. Joseph IrishChairman
  • Mr. Peter Queeley
  • Ms. Lovetta Silcott
  • Ms. Siobhan Tuitt
  • Ms Nicole Duberry

The MSSF Management Team

  • Mr. Philip Chambers Director
  • Miss. Jasmine Taylor Deputy Director / Financial Controller
  • Miss. Paulette Ward Administrative Assistant
  • Miss. Ateshia Lewis – Operations Officer
  • Miss. Evan WeekesAssistant Accountant
  • Mr. Ronald O Barzey Systems Administrator

Mission Statement

In accordance with the Montserrat Social Security Ordinance and Regulations, the Board determines to maintain the Social Security Fund, and to provide the workers of Montserrat. Social Security Benefits in a timely and fair manner, with efficient, prudent and effective use of resources.

To fulfill its charter the Board will:-

    • Inform and advise the Government to the best of its ability.
    • Ensure that all contributions due to the Fund are paid in full and on time.
    • Ensure that all claims for benefits are processed¬†expeditiously, efficiently and in a sensitive manner.
    • Exercise a high standard of Management for the administration of the Fund.
    • Inform and educate the public on the function and role of the Social Security.
  • Utilize the principles of safety, liquidity, yield and social and economic utility in its investment policy.