Every person who works for an employer is regarded as an Insured Person by Social Security. As an insured person, the employee must be registered and will be allocated a Social Security Number. This is a unique number under the Social Security Fund, which will be the main means of differentiating its owner from everyone else.

Registration involves completing an application form providing all of the relevant particulars that would serve to identify the particular person.

Each applicant is required to give adequate and accurate information at all times to his or her employer as well as to Social Security. This would ensure that whenever there is an opportunity for claiming any benefit, there would be no doubt about the identity of the person in respect of whose insurability, the benefit is being claimed. In this way every person would receive his/her due benefits under the law.

It is a legal requirement that every employed person and every self-employed person in Montserrat be registered with the Montserrat Social Security Fund. Employers are given definite instructions concerning the registration of their employees. Self-employed persons are also given definite instructions concerning their own registration.