How are contributions paid

Employee Contributions

As of 1st January 2023 the Regulations provide that every employee in Montserrat must contribute an amount of 5.5% of his gross income to the MSSF. In addition to the amount deducted from the Employee, the employer is also required to remit an amount of 6.5% to the MSSF on, or by the 14th day of the following month.
It is the employee’s responsibility to periodically check the MSSF office to ensure that such contributions are paid, and to report all incidence of non-payment of contributions to the MSSF. All information is treated with the strictest confidence.

Self Employed Contributions

A Self-employed person when registering can select an income from the category below which represents his earnings for the purpose of paying contributions –

  1. Category (a) $600
  2. Category (b) $1,200
  3. Category (c) $1,800
  4. Category (d) $2,400
  5. Category (e) $3,000
  6. Category (f) $3,600
  7. Category (g) $4,000

The category selected shall form the basis for calculating contributions for the whole year. For each weekly or monthly period on or after the appointed day during which he is registered, a self-employed person shall pay at a rate of 10% of the weekly income in the category specified.

Voluntary Contributions

The contributions payable by a Voluntary Contributor shall be based on the average annual income for the two years immediately preceding the date of cessation of employment in Montserrat. The Rate of Contribution payable is 5.25% of such average annual income, and may be paid on an annual basis, or by monthly installments.