Little Bay landmark

The new Montserrat Social Security building beautifies the landscape and is now seen as a landmark in the new town capital – Little Bay. The finishing touches are now in progress and it is expected that by mid next year that the MSSF staff will be able to move into their new home.

Dominica Social-Security-on-Wheels

Social-Security-on-Wheels is a Motorcade/Vehicle-convoy activity in which staff members and friends of the DSS drive through the countryside sensitizing residents on the Social Security program. The convoy generally makes brief Whistle-stops in some of the villages during staff interact with villagers and brief Public Address announcements are made apprising residents of the benefits of the […]


The creation of a Social Security system in Anguilla thirty years ago is a milestone for the island. That was stated by Chief Minister and Minister of Finance, Hubert Hughes, in an address on Monday, November 5, as part of activities marking Social Security Week. Mr. Hughes paid tribute to Revolutionary Leader, Ronald Webster, whose […]


On Friday May 17 2013, the St. Christopher and Nevis Social Security Board broke ground for the construction of its new Office Building at Pinney’s Estate, Nevis. To signal the official start of the proceedings, Scholarship Holder and student of the Gingerland High School, Mr. Rickell Mills presented the National Anthem via a pan rendition.  […]

The Future of Social Security in the English-speaking Caribbean

by Dr Frank Alleyne, Former Chairman NIS Board, Barbados | June 05, 2009   Most social security schemes in the English-speaking Caribbean would have attained maturity by the end of the twentieth century. In the case of the British Virgin Islands (BVI) scheme, this stage of development will be attained somewhat later because of the […]


On July 31, 2012 Director Kenneth E Scotland remarked at the ground breaking ceremony “Come this time next year the Montserrat Social Security Fund is expected to see the near completion of its new permanent home in Little Bay” Today the construction of the building which appears to be on target is indeed a reflection […]

Caribbean Social Security Programs

Caribbean Social Security Programs (SSP) began to emerge in the mid-1960s with the guidance and support of the International Labour Office (ILO). Referred to locally as National Insurance or Social Security, these SSPs can best be de­scribed as being: • defined benefit in structure, • partially funded, • publicly administered with public over­sight of investments, […]


2013 marks a significant milestone for the Montserrat Social Security Fund as two of its major projects are scheduled for completion.  At a glance the Davy Hill Housing project are in its final stages as some of the houses being  constructed are painted with eye catching colours and nearly all of them are completely roofed. The […]


On Tuesday July 31, 2012 Director of the Montserrat Social Security Fund remarked at a groundbreaking ceremony “Come this time next year the Montserrat Social Security Fund is expected to see the near completion of its new permanent home in Little Bay”  The building will be located a block away from the Montserrat Cultural Centre […]


The Davy Hill Housing Project  beams brightly as some of the brightly painted completed houses are attracting potential buyers. The major project jointely funded by the Government of Montserrat, the Montserrat Social Security Fund (MSSF)  have significantly stimulated the ecconomic growth in Montserrat.   MSSF has poured in over 2 million EC dollars in the construction costs of the housing project which […]